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Width (in mm) 195 195
Tire section (in %) 55 55
Size (in inch) 20 20
Load index 95 95
Speed index H H
Rolling resistance A A
Wet grip A A
Noise level 69 69


  • High fuel efficiency
  • Improved wet grip, good protection against aquaplaning and shorter braking distances
  • Good handling


  • Unique tread mix with low hysteresis, which reduces energy loss and thus enables a lower rolling resistance, resulting in higher fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.
  • The specially designed tread and the three wide circumferential grooves allow shorter braking distances and increased adhesion on wet roads.
  • Optimized lightweight construction provides good handling.

Profile description

The Dimax Eco is the revolutionary new high-performance tyre with low rolling resistance from Radar Tyres. This tyre has been rated with the best possible EU tyre label “A” for rolling resistance means high fuel efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions; for wet adhesion, the Dimax Eco received the rating “B”. It offers improved wet grip and a shorter braking distance, as well as a significantly lower noise level of 69 dB.
This tire is designed for the latest generation of high-performance electric, hybrid and combustion engines.

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  • LI = Load index,
  • SI = Speed index,
  • XL = XL Tyre,
  • RFT = Run Flat Tyre,
  • RR = Rolling resistance,
  • WG = Wet grip,
  • NL = Noise level (in dB),
  • NC = Noise class,
  • POR = Professional off-road tyre

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